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  Wingart International (Hongkong) Co. owns three subordinate production bases, Shenzhen Wingart located in Qiping Industrial Zone of Guanlan in Bao’an District of Shenzhen City; Heyuan Wingart located in High-tech Development Zone of Heyuan City in Guangdong; and Ningbo Wingart located in Yunlong Industrial Park of Ningbo City in Zhejiang. Now Wingart specializes in the production of children’s stationery. It has building area of 40000 square meters in total and boasts more than 1000 employees including 160 managers and 40 researchers.

  Sedex certified in social responsibility system and C-TPAT certified in anti-terrorism sysem; and have been certified by many international famous customers such as Walmart, Target, Disney, Michael's, Darice, Woolworths, Coca Cola, MCdonalds, etc.

  We create many different DIY Kit by different materials such as Felt Kit,  EVA Foam Kit, Wooden Kit, Sock Animal Kit, Canvas Kit, Knitting Kit, Pom Pom Kit, Mirror Kit, Mosaic Kit, Cardboard Frame Art, Coffetti Art, Jewelry Kit, Silicon Band Oraments, Painting Kit, Ceramic Kit, Styrofoam Kit and so on. 



平面设计(graphic design),也称为视觉传达设计,是以“视觉”作为沟通和表现的方式,透过多种方式来创造和结合符号、图片和文字,借此作出用来传达想法或讯息的视觉表现。平面设计师可能会利用字体

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