2017 Canton Fair Fall Ⅱ is successful on 10/23-27


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  Our booth in 2017 Canton Fair Fall Ⅱ is 14.1B06-07 on10.23-27. It was shown with hundreds of art items and attracted many new customers to develop business. 

Project: 展会  
NextHKTDC Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair 3E-A01 on 1/8-12



平面设计(graphic design),也称为视觉传达设计,是以“视觉”作为沟通和表现的方式,透过多种方式来创造和结合符号、图片和文字,借此作出用来传达想法或讯息的视觉表现。平面设计师可能会利用字体

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